Let Your Light Shine

"Flip On the Switch"

Remember this old song “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine”.

Everybody has a light in them. It might be bright, dim, or turned off, but the great news is – it’s still present, don’t worry, the triggers in everyday life spark our light to expand or to fade away. It’s a healthy step in the right direction to understand the fullness and potential of how bright that light can actually shine. Ultimately, it is measured by our outward actions and attitudes towards life and other people.

There are practices we can move toward to begin illuminating ourselves to positively affect others who are around us daily. We can intentionally  place ourselves in uplifting environments by being proactive and more sensitive to how we feel during the day. in the moment.

Here are some ideas to try which might offer some thought to seriously consider.

Are the people in your life adding to your peace or eating it up? Make a list of each person on paper and decide if the relationships are healthy, necessary, and productive to your life in some way. Realize who are your friends and what defines the friendship. Many friendships are often one-sided, one person is contributing to the relationship resulting in the other friend to experience nothing valuable or satisfying from the relationship. There are seasons in healthy friendships where this will be a natural pattern as people experience life changing events and occurrences.

Is there a place in your life to explore and experience the creative side of yourself? It has now been scientifically proven by multiple studies of various groups of senior citizens, who are cognitively functionally strong as compared to other similar groups, who are not mentally or physically healthy, that finds the dramatic brain differences in the two different groups. The significant difference between the two groups is interesting. The group of older people who were artists, musicians, writers, painters all of whom worked in the creative field were much more cognitive than the group studied who experienced small amounts of time applied to creativity in their lives. The group who spent their life working in the field they enjoyed, utilizing the creative side of their brain, actually displayed healthier brain cortex on the MRI, while the other groups MRI displayed a much less healthy cortex brain.

This is perhaps a motivating reason to wake up the exploratory side of the brain to a world that imagines, wonders, and deviates from what has always been normal or routine to ordinary life. 

Experiencing a big life evolves around big love, big thoughts, and increased sensitivity to the little things occurring in your daily life. It may seem illogical to open your life and expose your heart to people who are different from you. It will probably seem boring and worthless, but give it a chance to develop a rhythm. Usually, when we discover happiness, we were not in pursuit of it at the time, it just happens through our natural journey, but what if we could embrace more of these happy encounters. Be open to all kinds of people, look for a common ground and build from there.

Focus your mind on positive outcomes and remove negative thoughts that come out of nowhere in your head. Capture the thought, think over it with something good and watch it leave. It gets easier to do this with practice and it does work! Try it the next time you feel uncomfortable in a situation.

A huge part of this process is to be sensitive to what is present in your environment and what your head is attempting to tell you. Look beyond the things in front of you. Why are they there and how did it come about? Start to practice asking yourself about the purpose and the timing of everything going on in your life. All big things start with something small that often evolves into something bigger.

In a perfect world, most of us would prefer day over night, light over dark, good over bad and life over death. We all have the desire to be liked and have friends and influence with others. The good news is, we all have the ability inside of us to make it happen, it was placed there in our design. Our job is to navigate our journey well by fueling  it with the right ingredients, select friends, jobs, churches that will bring out the best in us and inspire healthy goals to meet.

What you say you are you possibly can become; just as what you say you aren’t, you will never be. Who you were yesterday does not determine who you can become in the future.

Be a light for someone everyday. The world is bursting with negative all arounds us and your light is needed now. Someone out there needs you to stand out and believe in them. Have hope in humanity, extend a hand, an ear, or simply just show up. Bright lights resonate for long distances and many others can see the ray, some never forget the glow they experienced from them and others are taught how to ignite their own.

Shine on!

This little light of mine
This little light of mine (Photo credit: W.D. Vanlue)


15 Time Wasters – Mindless Things We Do

dreamy sky

Mornings become afternoons, evenings chase the nights, around and around time goes. It seems to jet by quickly, Where is time moving and why is it moving so fast? Monday becomes Wednesday, Thursday marathons to Sunday. What becomes of our time? What do we have to show for it?

It seems hard to get the priorities checked off our daily list much less all the things we hope to carry out in the 24 hours. If you are like me, you may find yourself doing completely mindless acts. I started to notice myself doing this, smack in the middle of the moment, and asked myself, “what are you doing?”

So, I started to see other people to see if I noticed any strange behavior, and yes it was obvious. Life would probably be quite boring if we all ran around robotically performing 100% of our goals everyday, so don’t sweat it if you are engaging in the following mindless activities. Life is about living, finding our purpose and sometimes our head gets stuck in the clouds. As long as we don’t live there all the time, we’re good.


These time wasters seem pretty common. See if you can catch yourself participating in one of these time capsules…..

1. Opening the fridge and staring inside, like something new is there that wasn’t there 30 minutes ago.

2. Staring into space with your eyes locked up without blinking, just looking at nothing with a blank mind.

3. Eating…. just to eat, not to satisfy hunger.

4. Shopping on the internet, filling the cart and never making it to the checkout.

5. Allowing your social networking feed to constantly interrupt you while you are attempting to work. Hmm…guilty.

6. Daydreaming about impossible scenarios (my personal guilty pleasure). Oh yeah, like when I imagine I’m a premiere ballerina performing at Lincoln Center in NYC.

7. The all American family room addiction to mindless TV. The reality show is usually the audience. Personally, I actually like to watch “Lizard Lick”, a show about towing vehicles, how dumb is that?

8. Sitting in your car in the driveway, waiting until the song on the radio is over even though you have heard it a thousand times.

9. Window shopping when you don’t have money to buy anything.

10. Reciting conversations over and over in your head you want to start, but never actually executing them.

11. Hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock to save 5 minutes of sleep.

12. Being a “yes man to every invitation” you receive without consideration of other responsibilities

13. Worrying about everything instead of praying. Prayers can change things if God is willing to help you, but worrying is a killer and improves nothing.

14. Internet gaming and mobile phone addictions that keep our minds entertained 24/7 with basically nothing. I love my phone, but I hate games.

15. Maybe it’s just as simple as trying on 50 different tops to wear and eventually choosing the first one you tried.

The truth is we all must find ways to escape, to relax our minds, but moderation and balance is necessary to keep us productive. I would love to hear about your mindless acts, unless of course, you are one of the perfect ones who has no vices. If you are one of the perfect ones – tell me about how that happened and where you get the will power.

I told you mine – what is your mindless act?


12 Reasons Why I Have Nothing To Wear

IMG_1057If you touch one thing in my closet, whoops, another thing falls. I am one who knows how to pack a space. All of us are guilty of double hanging clothing on hangers simply because we accumulate so much stuff. Or either, we like to hold on to things – for all kinds of crazy reasons.

But as I stand here and scan my own closet, admitting so, there is nothing I want to wear. Hmm… Sound all too familiar. The good news – I can help you. I finally overcame this insane phenomena. Being a woman on the go, always busy, there is no time for “closet ponder” at 6:00 am.  This might help…

1. Create a pile to give away, that no longer flatters your body. A good rule of thumb, if you didn’t wear it in the past 12 months, you won’t ever.

2. Separate by category. Ex. Tops together, bottoms together etc. For some of you, who work in the fashion biz, you must go deeper. Separate tops by sleeve type or bottoms will need categories of separations like skirts, then Capris, followed by crops and finally pants.

3. Flow your closet from white to black. Group all white pieces together and then beige, and then tan etc., etc. It’s much easier to grab a black top by color. Now finding colors will be a no brainer and a time saver.

4. Keep your patterns and prints worked in the dominant color category. A stripped top with mostly red would be placed at the back of the red section of the tops. And another tip, organize from light to dark within the color. The red section will start with soft reds and gradually move into wines and burgundy shades.

5. Turn everything in the same direction. It looks way better and helps cut down on wrinkles.

6. Invest in fabric covered hangers with a nice grip. I use pretty red ones. These work fabulous for skinny straps and unusual necklines.

7. Zip all zippers and tie up all loose strings. I refer to this as “closet recovery” work. Hang up your clothes when you finish trying them on so closet recovery isn’t the “all dreaded task”.

8. Discipline yourself to only buy pieces you need, like missing colors. If you’re a Shopaholic, and you can’t help yourself, start shopping smart and diverse.

9. Assimilate your outfitting with great accessory pieces to add spice. Switch up your usual matched pieces with a more eclectic feel. Try pairing plaids with small stripes, tiny floral with bold floral and express yourself in your clothes with a different flare.

10. Purchase a full length mirror so you can check out your new looks. Try to place it near your closet. Keep your mess contained.

11. Everyone experiences “body evolution” with age, so don’t worry, just remember to keep the pieces that flatter your body and give up the ones that don’t. Holding onto the idea, that we might magically fit into a size 3 jean again, is hmm… Well… I will just leave it at that. I do believe in miracles….

12. Think of the stuff in your closet as collections, and the items that don’t fit into a collection, as novelty pieces. This is the “opportunity area” of your clothing pieces to expand more collections. Shopaholics. The novelty pieces and their opportunity might especially interest you.

The more organized you keep the things you wear, the less frustrating it is to find outfits. Now, you can save time, sleep longer and still looked pulled together quickly. Have fun and let me know how it works out for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things. 

I will get to shoes and handbags in my brand new fashion blog coming soon….

Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3G59

All About Tattoos… EC/TC

Like this….update coming this weekend.
color me happy!

Before you beco…

Before you become a leader, SUCCESS is all about yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about
-Jack Welch



Ever feel hunted by the future?  Exasperated for more hours in the day? The raw

awareness that life is literally progressing in the very second you inhale breath.

This profound question puzzles every generation, crosses every culture barrier

and is no respecter of persons or statue. The future races towards us so fast, it

feels like we are in the middle of  a marathon competing for our time, our

decisions and our very life.

This pursuit of life conjures up complicated questions in our minds that have no

easy answers. So we start to exam these mysteries and decide how to move

forward, what belief systems to support. And finally, we decide how to live  in

contentment with our viewpoints and belief systems.

  Maybe you thought about these questions…

What is the most important thing in my life?

Who are the people who will be in my life forever?

How do I prioritize my time and should I?

Where is God and how does he influence who I am?

Am I experiencing life to my full potential or are my expectations too low?

How long will I live?


The things in life that inspire us, influence the decisions we make. These decisions

are huge, they dictate our destiny by positioning us for success or failure.

Influencers are often subliminal, not always obvious. A good reason to check

from time to time and see what has captured our attention. Reflect.

Successful (song)

Do you believe success lies in fate or just luck? I say neither. .. Success

comes through a serious pursuit of hard work, no shortcuts, and luck is short-

term and over-rated.  Quick rich schemes are non-existent.


I opened the door for exploration. I invite you to ponder your thoughts. I believe

we all have strong inclinations about the mysteries of life. For me, I look up,

within, through the faces of others, and I believe each and every person has a

purpose for being alive. A purpose greater than ourselves. Bigger than your job

and every dream inside your heart.


If you can answer the question above – everything else works itself out. The maker

of the universe is love. God is love. If we can work out our heart  issues, we would

be well on our way, to finding the real meaning of our life.

Author: Bagande


Remnants of Hope in Our World

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The existence of good and evil are realities in our world. Evidence of both of these forces are seen all around us in bold living color for our soul to decipher. The heart of mankind is designed for companionship and intimacy along with hope in humanity.

Test All Things; hold fast to what is Good  Thessalonians 5:21

These remnants are the fruit and labor of what is defined by each individual’s heart as good.  If you are attentive and have a mustard seed of faith –   you will see the remnants of hope.

 “Evidence of Humanity”     

* A broken heart that never gives up on love.

* Dreamers who have made a lifetime of attempts to meet their dream.

* Elderly couple having dinner in a quiet corner holding hands.

* Someone sharing their lunch with a complete stranger.

* Generosity with your time and money. Shareholders of…

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For every Con, there is a Pro. Capture the Pro’s, commit them to your viewpoint. The power of a positive outlook combined with an energetic attitude attracts opportunities. Positive energy is contagious, everybody desires it, it’s a beautiful thing.

This Is No Ordinary Life


Sharing my Life means, you support my quirks…you enjoy them and take part. I learned a simple truth from my camera – focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives. Then if things don’t go as planned, take another shot. When everyone gives up on me, hope whispers, try this.

belly laughter at least once a day.

I am always curious and ask a million questions.

love 20 second hugs. it’s silent acceptance.

suddenly, I like country music – what? Yes. “Florida Georgia Line”

deep conversations.

hot sunny bright summer days.

did I mention, the beach, the sea, the ocean, it’s liquid velvet.

family & friends, all of them – well almost

Jesus is perfect, my hero, role model and I’m not ashamed of my faith.

forever daydreaming.

sand between my toes.

random dancing, usually while cooking.

writing the pages of my life, in (pink) bold fonts with dragonfly background.

my phone might be attached to me.

still living on a prayer.

ballet is the highest form of art, the pen is next.

always thirsty for everything.

God is the perfect designer, no flaws, one of a kind prints – like DNA, fingerprints.

cry when I am really happy and I laugh when I’m blue.

my 7 dogs have taught me things – Rizzo, Lizzy, Mercy, Grace, Joy, Noel, & Layla.

some people are to professional for themselves, so funny.

life is a beautiful thing, cherish it, spend it with people who value you.

It’s the simple things in life that are the mo...

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