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Sharing my Life means, you support my quirks…you enjoy them and take part. I learned a simple truth from my camera – focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives. Then if things don’t go as planned, take another shot. When everyone gives up on me, hope whispers, try this.

belly laughter at least once a day.

I am always curious and ask a million questions.

love 20 second hugs. it’s silent acceptance.

suddenly, I like country music – what? Yes. “Florida Georgia Line”

deep conversations.

hot sunny bright summer days.

did I mention, the beach, the sea, the ocean, it’s liquid velvet.

family & friends, all of them – well almost

Jesus is perfect, my hero, role model and I’m not ashamed of my faith.

forever daydreaming.

sand between my toes.

random dancing, usually while cooking.

writing the pages of my life, in (pink) bold fonts with dragonfly background.

my phone might be attached to me.

still living on a prayer.

ballet is the highest form of art, the pen is next.

always thirsty for everything.

God is the perfect designer, no flaws, one of a kind prints – like DNA, fingerprints.

cry when I am really happy and I laugh when I’m blue.

my 7 dogs have taught me things – Rizzo, Lizzy, Mercy, Grace, Joy, Noel, & Layla.

some people are to professional for themselves, so funny.

life is a beautiful thing, cherish it, spend it with people who value you.

It’s the simple things in life that are the mo...

How to Entice Yourself To Drink More Water

July 13, 2013

Quenching Summer Thirst

Summer is here, temperatures are rising and HYDRATION is important. Water is our ENERGY source, it’s in our tissues, organs, and cells. Keep in mind our bodies are 50 -70% water naturally. The variation depends on male or female, healthy or sick, DNA genetics and history.

When we drink water our bodies naturally perk up and function healthy. Without enough hydration, it’s possible to become dehydrated with symptoms of fatigue and sluggishness. In some cases of dehydration, more serious issues can occur like severe cramping and strokes.

Yes I know, some people prefer soda or tea over the taste of the clear liquid. If you are one of these who prefer the cola, a sensible options would be to eat foods with high water content like melons, celery, tomatos and broth soups. Actually, there are several fruits in the supermarket containing 50% water content.


keep a glass pitcher on the counter or your work desk full of ice water and lemons to keep your eyes motivated and your tongue tart

only drink water with your meals, skip the soda and spare the calories

keep a six-pack of water in the back seat of your vehicle

always carry a thermal glass of ice water with you

create a cute basket of water flavor assortments and packets you can’t resist

keep a water bottle on your night stand by your bed

choosing water is less expensive than other choices

search out  and consume foods with high water content


* keeps our joints moving freely

* increases efficiency of the immune system

* energizes food – so the food can supply the body with energy

* when water reaches a cell it brings oxygen and forces the gases out to the lungs

* water prevents clogging of the arteries in the heart and the brain

* increases the shine in your eyes and hair, greatly improves skin hydration

* necessary to regulate body temperature

* without it, eventually death

Go ahead and take the plunge, commit to drinking more water, and be careful not to set a goal that’s unreasonable. Start your water regiment out with small changes in week 1 and by week 3 requiring more discipline from yourself. I would suggest begin  having water as the only optional beverage at mealtime and by week 3, set an alternative beverage limit for yourself, example only 1 soda per day.

In return, your body will work harder for you causing you to feel more energetic, look better. and ready for the dog days of summer ahead.



A Balloon Works Firefly 7 balloon in level flight.

Are you someone who will risk injury or loss for excitement? Any human endeavor carries some risk, but some risks rely more on lady luck than others. Are you a low risk observer or do you find yourself first in line to try anything daring? Can you recall examples of intelligent risk taking and appreciate the value of those ventured decisions?

Understanding the consequences and possibilities of something going bad is quite simply, part of  the decision weighing process – considering if the odds are in your favor. While some people might be comfortable taking a risk with their finances, they find themselves conservative when considering the risk of bodily harm. While the majority of people overestimate the risk of something happening unfavorable, there does exist another population who embrace the possibilities. And risks are often influenced by what is happening around us, within our control and outside of it.

Ever wondered why you have never participated in a sky dive, rode in a helicopter, boarded a roller coaster or gone mountain climbing? Or consider how open you are to intelligent risk taking such as buying and selling stock, frequently switching jobs or even purchasing lottery tickets. Take a look at the 10 reasons why risk takers take the leap…

1. Peer pressure is thought to be a leading reason some people take risk. This is transparent among the teenage population who radically measure their self-worth by their friends.

2. Emotions move people to become risk takers. Someone upset or angry  is more likely to take part in a risk than a person who is calm or relaxed.

3. Vacations, birthdays, family reunions and social gatherings often turn up a few daring opportunities. Confidence is boosted by familiar surroundings and comfortable surroundings.

4. Alcohol numbs the body and slows the ability to think accurately. Many testimonies have been documented from intoxicated individuals stating if they had been sober, the outcome would differ. The cliché, “the alcohol made me do it”, has some validity.

5. Entrepreneurial are often huge risk takers and highly revered by their peers and colleagues.

6. Men are bigger risk takers than women.

7. Willingness to take risk slows down with age.

8. Where people work and what type of environment they are comfortable with. Someone who does construction work on high-rise buildings lives riskier than the one who works inside in a corner office.

9. Children from parents who are college graduates are higher risk takers than those whose parents did not receive continued education.

10. Lifetime markers tend to encourage people to wager a risk. It may be an anniversary of a special calendar date, new job, or a time when someone experiences big life changes or adjustments.

“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is NOT what a ship is built for”      Albert Einstein

Risky takers are usually the life of the party and it’s important to have them in your life, just as those who favor conservative decisions. The balance of the two in our life provides a healthy balance to consider. That same balance, in our society, keeps life adventurous. Go ahead, think it over, and email me about the time you took your biggest leap of faith.

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of F...

what my twitter followers talk about

It is remarkable to surf through social medial sites and realize how many connections exist from one person to another. As a newbie to the wide world of social media – I was awestruck by the numbers and the attention the connection quantity number receives. It almost seems like one big marathon of collecting and looping names. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone was in relationship or at least exchanged one email between each other other than an invite.

I am intrigued by this phenomenal daily as I continue to meet people who tell me they are connected with hundreds of cyber friends, but they never talk to them personally. In fact, they don’t even know most of them. Or even more extreme, it seems many are inviting people to be their friend just to build their connection or friend numbers. Candidly speaking, I think everyone has probably invited a friend here and there they had a desire to meet. We sometimes invite friends indirectly through professional networks. However looking at the bigger picture, it seems meaningless to have a 1000 faceless names of friends unless you are pitching a business or seeking a specific purposes.

Social media is an epic giant living in our devices that is mind boggling. It enables us with the unique ability to stay in touch with the huge world we live in and all who live here. We even have the ability to adjust and distance others as acquaintances or closer friends – whatever is more comfortable for us.

The only thing better than this is the ability to reach out and be in a real life personal relationship that might involve one on one face time. The importance of sharing experiences together must not be archived, but be intentional. Friendships and relationships help us to keep the hope in humanity alive and strong. Without the human factor, we are simply limited in the depth of how strong our relationships can grow and how they may impact our life.

We were designed by God to be relational. It’s our nature to want to connect and find friends. Not to have real friends is lonely and depressing. It may take more deliberate effort on our part, but it will be worth it. Asking ourselves the hard questions are essential to our growth as a person. Who are my friends and when did I speak to them last? How can I serve my friends and relationships better? Decide to be real and not a faceless name on someone’s list. Chances are – you have been thinking about this before you read this blog

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Animated flag of United States of America.

Memorial Day is an invitation to honor the men, women and families of the United States Military.

1. Celebrate with an activity that edifices the active and veteran soldiers. Remember the soldiers that gave their life for our country. This is also a time to thank the soldiers that are wounded from war. It is only by their sacrifice for our nation that allows us the freedom to celebrate.

2. Go to a Memorial Day Parade or take part in the activities.

3. Spend the weekend at the beach. Be patriotic and wear a red swimsuit and carry fun little USA flags to stick in the sand or use as drink decoration. Surf, jet ski, and play in the ocean. but if you really want to maximize your beach weekend, host a bonfire for the evening.

4. Plan a barbecue or a picnic complete with all the red white and blue accessories. And don’t forget the “must have” red and white plaid table-cloth.

5. Get together with your favorite friends and reserve a cabin for the weekend and do whatever your heart desires. Don’t forget to pick up campfire marshmallows and try to brush up on your best ghost stories.

6. Book a riverboat tour and bring along your camera. Photo journal your excursion for a later trip down memory lane.

7. Look for a big screen Cinematique experience under the beautiful canvas of the stars and the night moon. Share the evening with someone special and bring your favorite blanket.

8. Go for an antique hunt for treasures that make you happy. Buy something you love, but you don’t need.

9. Plan to eat hotdogs and burgers prepared from the outside grill. Visit your local farmers market for the sides like fresh veggies and watermelon.

10. Attend a concert in the park. If none are scheduled, get your musical inclined friends and create one.

11. In case of rain (hush hush) – go see the summer blockbuster and eat all the combo junk food from the food court.

12. For the grand finale – Fireworks.

Memorial Day weekend is not only a tribute to those who lost their lives for our country, but also to their families who suffered the loss. Do something special for them – fruit basket, book, or just a short visit. This mega weekend is also the beginning of vacation season. It’s all about the beaches and fun in the sun. Make great memories and have a Memorable weekend, no matter what you decide to do. Iwo Jima Memorial reenactment at the Memorial ... English: Looking west as members of Nassau Cou...


That's My Mommy

That’s My Mommy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is the one and only who birthed you into this world. The one who decided you would have a life. And gave you a name that’s probably marked by the decade you were born. Like it or not – you own it. Although I did have a friend named Shelby who changed her name to Jennifer. Oh, and one more decision she made about your life, she chose your birthplace. You know that one question that is on every “password question list”.

She is most often called “Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma, Mother, Mummy, and in some cases, by first names”. No matter what they are called, they answer. And most times, when they are called, they come.

Mothers are not always biological. Sometimes they are adoptive, foster or spiritual, but Moms all the same. Moms go through so many phases of motherhood. There are different stages Mom’s go through, it’s a forever evolving process that is always changing. Here are some stages;

first time Moms / seasoned Moms

stay at home Moms / working Moms

single Moms / married Moms

Whatever your Mom does or whoever she is, I’m sure she is not just another Mom, but unique and special. Moms learn how to multi-task early in motherhood and are great at just about everything. They are our saving grace and safe place. Mom’s are the engineers of “making things better” and the person who will always believe the best in you.

Your Mom may be a thousand miles away or up in heaven, but she lives within your heart all the time. This bond lives forever and is not separated by anger, hurt, guilt or even death. Love is the strongest bond in the world. God is the author of this bond.

Every Mother approaches motherhood a little differently with each child depending on the needs of that child. Only a mother knows and can distinguish those differences.

Love your Mom and celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s out there tackling the hardest job in the world with no directions or handbooks. For you Mom’s who want direction or help, read Proverbs in the bible. It is a book written by King Solomon son of King David, about raising up your children to be Godly. Most secular self-help books you read on the book shelves use quotes from Proverbs. It is inspired by God and will not come back void.

My favorite is Proverb 22:6

” Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”.

King Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and you and your’s.

Mothers' Day Cake


English: Keykubat Beach in Alanya.

English: Keykubat Beach in Alanya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Arrive early for the closest parking space.

2. Wear a cap, floppy hat or scarf                                    

3. Sunscreen, sunblock and lip balm for sun protection.

4. Comfortable beach chair with shoulder strap and cup holder.

5. Beach bag, lined to keep out sand and side pockets for phone.

6. Beach umbrella, in case of rain, leaving is not an option.

7. Comfortable ear buds for your favorite playlist.

6. A great summer read and a favorite magazine.

7. 2 beach towels, 1 for sunbathing, the other to dry off after swimming.

8. A six pack ice cooler with water and your favorite snacks.

9. Small bag of bread crumbs to feed the seagulls.

10. Scribble a message in the sand near your chair, just for fun.

11. Takes lots of photos to share with friends.

12. Stay as long as you can.

English: A Beach umbrella in Corsica

English: A Beach umbrella in Corsica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you asked a thousand different people what it means to be “grateful”…..

        ” you would get a thousand different responses”.    


gratitude (Photo credit: nathalie booth)


Echos of all kinds of phrases, references, and descriptions would surface based on the background of the person who is asked. Of course – there would be no right or wrong answer. Oops, am I losing you already? Stay with me.

Webster describes “gratefulness” as a feeling or showing of kindness. To be thankful.

gratitude wallpaper_16:9

gratitude wallpaper_16:9 (Photo credit: dontstealmypen)

Life can sometimes sneak up, take us by surprise, landing us in unchartered territory. Oftentimes the landing is not exactly the plan we had in mind. Usually finding ourself in a whirlwind of the ” what if’s ” and  ” what nows “. This is the launching pad of something new, something better, usually disguised by the bewilderment of confusion.

Here are some pathways to gratefulness;

* organize your possessions to recognize your blessings

* focus on other people not on yourself, you will soon find your issues puny 

* get outside in the fresh air and exercise your body, releases endorphins in the brain

* write down a list of all the (free things) in your life that make you happy 

* stand on the shore and thank God for telling the ocean where to stop

There is a bible verse that has always stood out in my memory. Not because it was my favorite or a really popular one, but I believe it was a verse of relevance for my specific life since it keeps reappearing randomly. I ran across it in my journal a few weeks ago.

Luke 16:10 “if you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large things”.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to give yourself to people who are grateful? To do things for these people because it means so much to them. It is a natural process to freely give without any expectation of any thing returned.

I remember the first time I gave someone something as a complete random act of kindness. It was such an amazing feeling that I repeated it many times with others. I will share this story so you can see that the thing I gave was insignificant, but the act itself was gratitude.

I had this huge black silver onyx ring that I wore on my middle finger on my right hand that I loved. It was chunky and matched everything I wore. It was just a perfect daily fit. I was working that day and an associate in that particular place had often complimented me on the ring. No matter how many times I saw this person she always mentioned the ring. So as she normally did, she approached me that morning and said, God, I love that ring”. I said to her, “it’s yours”. I want you to have it and enjoy it. The look on her face was priceless and it totally blessed me to see her receive this ring. You would have thought I gave her a diamond ring. She was oozing gratefulness. We still talk about it on occasion.

The point of the story is to know that to see gratefulness you must learn to be grateful. Gratitude is becoming and long-enduring. It comes in many forms. You can show it today on someone with little effort. Try telling a family member how much you appreciate them or how thankful you are that they are a responsible person. Or tell a friend how much you value their friendship or tell a coach how thankful you are for all they taught you. Look around you and count your blessings and it will lead you to many opportunities to be grateful.

The flip side of gratefulness is ugly and entitlement. Everyone knows someone like this who we try to avoid. These people are takers and always asking to receive, but never willing to invest. I say this to create sensitive to the behavior, not to criticize it.

My experiences with gratitude are profound and memorable for me. I remember these acts as times that I made someone else a little happier and me a little closer to the person I long to be.

Tell me about a time that you were grateful.

The Way to Happiness

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