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Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath (Photo credit: geirarne)

Something big is happening with every breath you inhale. It’s called “ LIFE”. With every exhale, life is spent. Live your day – like it will be your last. Go Ahead, Take Deep Breaths.

  First things first;

1. Thank God for another day. (you safely returned to reality from the depths of sleep)

2. Say a prayer for protection and guidance before your feet hit the floor.

3. Look out the bedroom window to checkout the weather.

4. Head to the coffee pot or tea kettle. Be sure to program the night before.

5. Eat something. Hopefully oatmeal, it taste good, its warm and packed with fiber.

6. Hit the shower. While the conditioner is penetrating, do 30 squats on each leg.

7. Before you grab the towel, grease your body up in body lotion. Let it soak in.

8. Look at the fogged bathroom mirror and draw a smiley face with your finger.

9. Put on the clothes you picked out the night before and don’t change it.

10. Create a fun upbeat playlist for your morning commute to work or play.

Sound unrealistic? It’s really not, just simple routines combined with a little extra planning before bed. Mornings will be less stressful and days will be more enjoyable! And for all of the natural born early people who might be reading this – mornings can be hectic for us “night owls”. We need all the help we can get.

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The existence of good and evil are realities in our world. Evidence of both of these forces are seen all around us in bold living color for our soul to decipher. The heart of mankind is designed for companionship and intimacy along with hope in humanity.

Test All Things; hold fast to what is Good  Thessalonians 5:21

These remnants are the fruit and labor of what is defined by each individual’s heart as good.  If you are attentive and have a mustard seed of faith –   you will see the remnants of hope.

 “Evidence of Humanity”     

* A broken heart that never gives up on love.

* Dreamers who have made a lifetime of attempts to meet their dream.

* Elderly couple having dinner in a quiet corner holding hands.

* Someone sharing their lunch with a complete stranger.

* Generosity with your time and money. Shareholders of the heart.

* Adults with childlike faith and hope,  just because.

* Individuals who stand for something and not fall for anything.

* Someone who will stop and help someone else in trouble.

* People who help others without expectation of recognition or credit.

* Friends and family who love you boldly in all conditions.

* A person who inspires, encourages and invests in others.

Flickr friends

Flickr friends (Photo credit: Meer)

Capture the glimpses and move forward in the hope that mankind is still more good than evil, more truthful than superficial and posses the want to serve others. All you need to do is look, listen and take part in the hope that presents itself alive and  in everyday.

As the sunrise brings hope to a new day, the moon provides a peaceful closure. Just like a compliment can bring a smile to a stranger, a thank you can reciprocate a new relationship.

The light –  exposes darkness. And hope drowns out doubt.

Hope will always be alive in mankind.

images (3) Shades of Pink Obsessions

Dictionaries describes PINK as meaning – the color of unconditional love and nurturing.
It’s the color of universal love. Pink is known to be a quiet color. Technically speaking Pink is the combination of red and white. The energy and intensity of Pink shade is driven by the amount of red released.

Pink Lovers Sparkle With These Pretty in Pink Facts… PINK


“Pastel pink” expresses the innocent – soft romantic side of us while “Hot pink” gets the party started. And then there is “Fuchsia” that brings forth femininity.

The female gender was predestined to Pink long before birth. Nurseries all over the world were decorated in the hue, proudly awaiting for the little princesses to arrive.

The addiction of the pink palette has long occupied our closets and splashed our shoes, belts and purses. Even those who are not succumbed by the PINK, most likely hang onto some iconic heirloom from yesterday years. It may be a Barbie sitting in the hope chest or simply a special Valentine card that withstood time.

This girlie shade has known traveled from couture shops to Americas mainstream malls. Just ask Victoria – she might share the secrets of the PINK lure with you. The hunting department isles of sporting stores across the country have been infected with the PINK hue. Available now are PINK guns, bows, hunting clothes and all sorts gear for the PINK OBSESSION.

And let’s not forget to mention the huge PINK trash containers that are lining up the streets of our neighborhoods on trash pick up day. Dare I mention that some of the pick up trucks themselves are also in the PINK.

It was once said by a female famous songbird, “girls just want to have fun”. For you males out there feeling left out – PINK crossed over decades ago. Everyone can stand for the message of PINK, hence the world would be a more peaceful place today.

Thinking PINK. XOXO



Life goes by fast. Most days are uneventful however satisfying. The days and years are somewhere in a fog, except of course for birthdays, graduations, and significant happenings.

In fact, most of my days have come from seamless late nights of endless thinking and running my mind off the cliff with the “what if’s”. My days fly by, barely leaving a visible trace they began and ended.

January and December are the months I am more conscious of time. With January being all about innovation for the New Year and the time in my life that seems everything is washed clean, ready to start fresh. And December, the year closure point is all about the Christmas countdown of preparation and planning. These days are about the anticipation of a new hope to come.

Summertime holds my happiest days. All year-long I think about the upcoming season of summer. Visions of swimming in the ocean, which feels like liquid velvet in July. Sitting on the shore with your newest playlist blaring and a best-selling summer reads in hand. Those are the days I savor.  Those days are to renew my mind, body and spirit to move forward. The winter months are darker, but still hustling by. Days of bright sunshine are shorter. The days of winter are hard to get out bed in the mornings. The beach is good in the winter – filled with locals walking their dogs and surfers braving the cold waters waiting for the big wave.

Reflecting on the days of my life I see images in my head of good times, good friends and a full life. I have experienced epic love of all kinds that have inspired me to love others and to value my life. Take time to laugh a little every day and don’t be stingy with your hugs.


  • Write your obituary as a friend or stranger would read it.
  •  Apply the biblical principle “you reap what you sew” to your life.
  •  At the end of the day, ask yourself, “what did the day give to your life”.

Choose to be happy!

be happy

Be happy

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